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Tony Robbins Delivers Apology After Tarana Burke Responds To #MeToo Remarks

After a clip from one of his events went viral this past weekend, life coach and motivational speaker Tony Robbins came under heat for his March 15 remarks made about the #MeToo movement. 

After a clip from one of his events went viral this past weekend, life coach and motivational speaker Tony Robbins came under heat for his March 15 remarks about the #MeToo movement. Tarana Burke, the founder of #MeToo, came across the video-gone-viral and responded in a series of tweets before Robbins apologized for any misconstrued statements. In the short post, Robbins stated that he “[agrees] with the goals of the #MeToo movement and its founding message of "empowerment through empathy."

“I watch in awe as more and more women all over the world find their voice and stand up and speak out… I am committed to being part of the solution,” he continued. At one of his seminars, a professed fan and audience member, Nanine McCool, stood up to refute a statement that Robbins made about the synthesis of victimhood, significance, and the #MeToo movement.

“I think you misunderstand the #MeToo movement,” she started before Robbins interrupted her. He responded, “I’m not knocking the #MeToo movement, I’m knocking victimhood.” Before McCool could continue, Robbins stated, “I’m not suggesting you agree with me. I’m just suggesting you consider what its impact is… anger is not empowerment. What you're seeing is people making themselves significant by making someone else wrong.”

Robbins alluded to Jesus and to those who should not "throw stones," then asked his audience, “Is there any one of us that hasn’t done something that we prefer we had not or were embarrassed by it… who here has never done anything of that nature in your life? Raise your hand.” Observers reported that Robbins exhibited “intimidating behavior,” using his size and voice, and even physically backing McCool into an aisle at some point, Deadline noted.

Of the many opposed statements, two circulated more frequently than others, one before McCool had a chance to speak, and another after she did. “If you use the #MeToo movement to try to get significance by attacking and destroying someone else, you’re not growing an ounce. All you’ve done is basically use a drug called ‘significance’ to make yourself feel good.” He asked for a show of hands in concurrence.

To this, McCool said that Robbins was mischaracterizing the movement. “There are a significant number of people who are using it not to relive whatever may have happened to them but to make it safe to the young women, so they don’t have to experience it.”

Robbins then told a story about a “famous” and “powerful” man who was “stressed” about having to hire a qualified woman for a job because she was attractive and he “knew it would be too big a risk and hired someone else.”

“I’ve had a dozen men tell me this,” he said to his audience. Burke spoke out about the same moment. “His misogyny runs deep. To even repeat that story of his ‘friend’ who wouldn’t hire the ‘pretty woman’ as if it’s the MOVEMENT’s fault and not the sexist man’s fault is all you need to hear… SO many folks misunderstand this work.”

Initially uploaded to the personal account of Nanine McCool, the video gained steam on April 6 when it was reposted by NowThis News. It was further exploded by Burke’s response to Robbins. Burke said that Robbins’ team reached out for “damage control” on Saturday, according to Buzzfeed.

Jennifer Connelly, Robbins’ spokesperson, made no immediate comments, Buzzfeed reports. But she said what Robbins said in his apology when speaking to Vice last month. “He has devoted his life’s work, over 40 years, to help people end their pain and suffering and most importantly improve the quality of their lives.”

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Eva Marcille Tears Up As She Recalls Kevin McCall’s Alleged Abuse

Eva Marcille is opening up about her allegedly abusive relationship with ex, Kevin McCall, in light of the rapper’s recent for domestic violence in another relationship. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star stopped by The Rickey Smiley show on Thursday (April 18), where she discussed the abuse she endured during and after her first pregnancy.

“It took me a lot of time to even be able to get up the courage to talk about it because it’s embarrassing,” she said. “Coming from where I come from and being as astute and courageous as I am, you always feel like, ‘it can never be me.’”

Marcille explained that she and McCall were not “really in love” before she became pregnant with their daughter, Marley. “It wasn’t a relationship that lasted long enough for me to really even know him,” she noted. Even so, it wasn’t long before their romance took a violent turn.

“[The abuse] didn’t start for me until I was pregnant with Marley. And then about a month after having Marley, it didn’t stop; it got worse,” she tearfully recalled. “And it got worse with her. The final straw was when Marley was actually in my arms once. And I was like, ‘I can’t do this no more.”

Marcille has since moved on and married someone else (she married Michael Sterling in Oct. 2018), but she suggested that her history with McCall is both triggering and relevant to this day.

As previously noted, McCall was arrested on Monday (April 15) for domestic violence against his current partner, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirms. The “Deuces” artist was charged with one felony of injuring a spouse or cohabitant. According to jail records, McCall was released on Tuesday (April 16) after posting a $75,000 bond. He is scheduled to appear in court on April 30.

In regards to his latest case, Eva said that her sympathy lies with the alleged victim. “I feel sorry for that girl… I feel bad for women who have to deal with that,” she said. “It’s actually not a laughable matter. It’s something that makes you feel so little… I hope that they keep his ass in jail.”

Watch the clips from Eva Marcille’s latest interview below.


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#PressPlay: #EvaMarcille gets emotional detailing her abuse and speaks on her ex #KevinMcCall’s recent domestic violence arrest (SWIPE) Via @rickeysmileyofficial

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on Apr 18, 2019 at 8:18am PDT

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Justin Bieber Blasts Laura Ingraham Over Nipsey Hussle Comments

Justin Bieber is slamming Fox News anchor, Laura Ingraham, over her divisive comments about the late Nipsey Hussle.

"Absolutely disgusting what you did on national television," Bieber wrote in an Instagram post on Thursday (April 18). "How dare you laugh in the face of a person who has passed on? Doesn't matter who it is. But disrespecting someone's who was a pillar in the community and did right by people?"

He added: "Did you not think about the family who just lost a loved one and now have to see you mock him on national television It’s absurd and you should be fired period."

Bieber's criticism comes shortly after  T.I. and The Game slammed Ingraham on their social media accounts. “WE ALL GET OUR TURN TO LIVE THROUGH OUR OWN PERSONAL TRAGEDY... and watch how many people dance in the streets, laugh and crack distasteful inappropriate jokes when it’s YOUR TURN!!!! Karma is constant & the laws of reciprocity ARE IN ORDER," T.I. wrote in a post on Instagram.

Nip was a hero to the Los Angeles community, a business owner, and rapper, who was killed on Mar. 30. His passing caused an outpour of responses from the music and California communities.

Unfortunately, Ingraham did not do her homework before getting on her April 12 show to poke fun at Hussle’s funeral. She highlighted his song, “FDT,” which is short for “F**k Donald Trump,” as a way to justify why Nip shouldn’t be so beloved.

Ingraham has not responded to the recent call to action. Check out all of the reactions below.


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Laura Ingraham absolutely disgusting what you did on national television. How dare you laugh in the face of a person who has passed on. Doesn’t matter who it is. But disrespecting someone’s who was a pillar in the community and did right by people? Did you not think about the family who just lost a love one and now have to see you mock him on national television It’s absurd and you should be fired period. #repost #spreadawareness

A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on Apr 18, 2019 at 10:22am PDT

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G Herbo’s Ex Ari Details Alleged Abuse: “I Have A Black Eye”

G Herbo was arrested on Wednesday (April 17) for battery against his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child. Now, Ariana Fletcher is speaking up about the alleged incident that led to his arrest.

Fletcher shared her story on Instagram on Thursday (April 18). “He kicked my door down to get in my house because I wouldn’t let him in, beat the f**k out of me front of my son,” she alleged. “Then he took my son outside to his friends and had them drive off with my son, hid all my knives in my house, broke my phone and locked me inside and beat the f**k out of me again (choked me, punched me in my face and all over my body, dragged me outside on the concrete by my hair after his friends drove off with my son, took me in the house and continued beating me).”

She also stated that she has physical signs of the abuse. “He wrecked my whole house, broke all type of sh*t,” she continued. “I have a black eye, my body scraped up from being dragged outside, bruises and cuts all over my body… Please do’t speak on no old “relationship play fights’ cause this ain’t that’.”

It is unclear what triggered the alleged incident. Herbo is still in jail. His bond has been set at $2,000. Read Ari’s full statement below.


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#Ari speaks on her altercation with #GHerbo 👀

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