Premiere: Topaz Jones Reminisces On His Upbringing On “For The Better”

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There comes a time in which a fork in the journey to success forces toilsome decisions. Topaz Jones taps into that struggle in his third and final installment of A Side/B Side EP, “For The Better.” Jones’ solemn lyrics play out the tug-of-war between what the heart wants: a chance to chase dreams or someone to call love. A stack of hi-hats, kicks and stuttering loops harmoniously melt together as the backdrop. Jones said the romance doubles as a metaphor to the feelings of leaving his childhood home.

“This is the last song I recorded from the house I grew up in before we had to move out. I was feeling deep nostalgia for my upbringing in New Jersey and leaving kinda felt similar to the end of a relationship,” he says. “A lot of things have changed in the past couple years but no matter how it happened, in the end it was always for the better.”

The song is a stark difference from its counterpart on the A Side of the EP, the newly released “Cotton Fields.” That side represents the funk sound fans have grown to know him, while the B Side is musically “more experimental.” Since the release of his critically-acclaimed 2016 debut ARCADE, the 23-year-old N.J. artist kept it low-key, not releasing singles “Toothache,” “Zoom,” “Nectar” and “Pleasure Pain Passion” until last month.

Stream the newest addition to your playlist below.