Tori Kelly And The Hamiltones Return To Their Gospel Roots With “Help Us Love”

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Tori Kelly used this past Easter weekend to return to her gospel roots after linking up with Anthony Hamilton’s The Hamiltones for her new single, “Help Us Love.”After debuting “Help Us Love” with a live performance at the Stellar Awards on Good Friday (Mar. 30), the California-native spoke about her connection with the genre and how fulfilling it was to work with gospel juggernaut, Kirk Franklin, who wrote and produced the new track. “I grew up on gospel music,” Kelly explained. “So, the fact that a legend like Kirk Franklin would take me under his wing was just a dream come true. He genuinely cares for people and the warm environment he created really helped me to be able to pour my heart into this song.”

This care that Tori describes is translated through “Help Us Love” as she and The Hamiltones address the issues that are present in America through worship. “Help Us Love” not only creates excitement for the follow-up to Tori Kelly’s Grammy-nominated album, Unbreakable Smile, but it also adds to the anticipation surrounding The Hamiltones’ debut project.

As Anthony Hamilton’s official background vocalists, The Hamiltones have also received Grammy recognition for their placement on Hamilton’s recent album, What I’m Feelin’. But now, after performing together since their teenage years in North Carolina, it is time for the group to the forefront and use 2018 to release their first studio album.

Listen to “Help Us Love” below and watch the full Stellar Awards performance.