Tray Chaney Raps About His Journey Through Hip-Hop With “S.A.M. (Strictly About Music)”


Saints and Sinners star Tray Chaney has been consistently delivering bars on the side across many digital platforms, including BET Jams. As the show gears up for the premiere of its third season this Sunday (April 8), the DMV native comes through with some hard bars on the visuals to his latest single, “S.A.M. (Strictly About Music).”

On the Pink Polo-produced track, Chaney delivers some serious lyrical dexterity, proving that he’s no fly-by-night rhyme slinger. The DMV native raps his story about proving himself in the hip-hop world along with the struggles and glory that comes with the grind. “I heard a thousand no’s before I heard a yes/That’s why after every show I’m beatin’ on my chest/Didn’t do it by myself, but I did do it/Whether rain, sleet or snow, we was still movin’/I’m a different pedigree without rapping about weaponry/The world still accepting me, the DMV is reppin’ me,” he spits.

The world premiere of Saints and Sinners will premiere on Bounce TV this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET. In the meantime, check out Tray Chaney’s new album, also titled S.A.M. (Strictly About Music), on iTunes, Apple Music and all other digital marketplaces and streaming services.