Tristan Thompson Caught Cheating On Pregnant Khloe Kardashian


Khloe Kardashian is just days away from delivering her first baby with boyfriend Tristan Thompson. But unfortunately, what should be a happy time is turning into a media frenzy. A new video has surfaced online, showing Thompson in a lip-lock with not one, but two women that are definitely not Khloe.

According to TMZ, the surveillance footage dates back to Oct. 2017, when Khloe was just three months pregnant. The video was reportedly taken at a hookah lounge that Tristan visited with the unidentified women in Washington D.C.. It was reportedly recorded the night before the Cleveland Cavaliers played the Washington Wizards.

The minute-long footage shows the Cavliers star making out with one woman. After a few seconds, another woman grabs his head and thrusts it into her chest. That same woman also appears to grab his junk.

Aside from this footage, TMZ also reports that Tristan potentially took another woman back to his hotel room last weekend (week of Apr. 7).

Neither Khloe nor Tristan have responded to the reports since the story broke today (Apr. 10). Khloe is reportedly due to give birth later this month.

You can check out the video of Tristan Thompson at the hookah lounge in the video below.