Premiere: VanJess Delivers A #Mood With Their Sultry New Single, “Addicted”

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VanJess is already on a roll in 2018. The singer-songwriter sisters entranced audiences in 2017 with launchpad songs like “Touch The Floor” and “Through Enough,” the latter of which appeared on an episode of Insecure. As they inch closer and closer to a proper debut album, the duo has decided to cut loose another sample from the body of work to come. Enter their new single, “Addicted,” which is a follow-up to their February release, “Easy.”

According to them in a statement, “‘Addicted’ represents the more R&B and hip-hop side of the album. The melodies and arrangement actually embody our core sound, and when we created it the rest of the album sort of just came together.” The IAMNOBODI-produced track once again highlights their knack for infectious harmonies,┬ásultry energy and┬ábaselines that truly knock.

Towards the tail-end of the song, the beat tapers off into more #TBT territory, perhaps a teaser as to what we’ll hear a bit more of elsewhere on the album? We’ll just have to patiently wait and see. In the meantime, enjoy the “Addicted” premiere down below.

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