Viola Davis And Husband Stop Would-Be Burglars Attempting To Break Into Their Home

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Viola Davis and husband Julius Tennon were asleep in the bedroom of their Los Angeles home when they were awakened by the sound of glass breaking.

According to TMZ, burglars climbed a ladder to the second floor balcony, breaking the glass of the door leading to the couple’s bedroom. It’s reported the How To Get Away With Murder actress flipped on a light switch, which sent the would-be-home invaders running.

L.A. police officials say the potential burglary is an isolated incident, and has nothing to do with Davis’ celebrity. Law enforcement however were able to retain security surveillance footage and saw three men wearing hoodies running from the premises.

Along with the Academy Award winner’s home, Floyd Mayweather’s Beverly Hills mansion was burglarized in 2017, along with Kendal Jenner’s home in March.

Drake’s home was also broken into April 2017, however the assailant took a few cans of soda and water. The grand total was about $10. Mr. Graham didn’t press charges.

We’re glad to know no one was hurt at the Davis residence, and nothing was taken.