Wife Kills Husband’s Mistress And Then Herself In Pre Meditated Murder-Suicide


A Delaware woman broke into the Pennsylvania home of her husband’s mistress and fatally shot her Monday (April 23) night before turning the gun on herself. According to law enforcement, it’s believed the murder-suicide was premeditated as Jennair Garadot was made aware of her husband’s affair with Meredith Chapman through text messages and emails.

Garadot’s husband Mark was in the driveway when police arrived and said “My wife may be inside.” He was reportedly in the area because he was supposed to have dinner with Chapman and when she didn’t show up he was worried and drove to her home.

A bag containing a wig and clothing was found near Garadot, and it’s still unclear of how she got to Chapman’s house. Reportedly, she entered Chapman’s home and immediately shot her in the head when Chapman arrived and then shot herself.

Gardot and Chapman met while working at the University of Delaware. A spokesman for the school said Gardot worked for the university between November 2017 and April 2018. Chapman, who earned her Bachelors and Master’s degree at the University of Delaware, later worked as the assistant vice president of marketing and creative services at Villanova University. She also ran for senate in Delaware in 2016.

A former student remembered Chapman warmly as a mentor.

“She was a vibrant and engaging teacher who went out of her way to help grow the communications careers of students at the university — young women in particular,” the unidentified student said via email to ABC News. “She was instrumental in creating a community of successful and aspiring communications professionals through her classes and the award-winning UD Social Media Ambassador program she helped to create.”