Will Smith Hilariously Recalls The Time He Met Michael Jackson


Will Smith has proven his mastery of social media over the past few months, and just when we thought his story-telling abilities couldn’t get any better- BAM! He tells viewers via his YouTube channel about the first and only time he met Michael Jackson.

In his “Storytime” segment on his page, the Philly native discussed his encounter with the King Of Pop. For virtually his entire night at the BET Awards, he tried tirelessly to meet Jackson.

“I wanted to meet him my whole life…I just couldn’t get to him in the crowd,” he said. As he was about to present an award at the televised event, he saw the “Billie Jean” singer backstage, which he saw as a “path.” However, an issue arose after Mr. Suge Knight appeared, and caused a frenzy to ensue.

“[Security] grab me, and they take me and run me across the room…I have no idea where we are, and they open this door, and they shove me into this dirty a** utility closet,” he continues. “Suge is a lunatic…make sure he’s still in jail if I’m telling this story.”

All of a sudden, things start to get quiet in the closet, and he turns around to find Michael Jackson standing behind him. It’s here in the video where Smith brilliantly uses illustrations and his best MJ impression to tell the story. They discuss comic books (which Will admits he knew nothing about), moonwalking forward, Tito Jackson and of course, Suge Knight.

“Suge’s always trippin’, all that success and he can’t figure out how to be happy,” Jackson reportedly said.

Basically, this is a story you have to hear coming from the source. Check out the hilarious tale recounted by The Fresh Prince below.