03 Greedo Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison

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From 2016 to recently, Watts, Calif. MC 03 Greedo released a flood of music. One of the reasons for the prolific output is that the Wolf of Grape Street rapper was fighting a drug and gun case against the state of Texas, and there was great chance that he would have to go away for a long time. And last week, the rapper announced the unfortunate news that he will be going to prison this summer.

According to a report from LA Weekly, in 2016 Greedo and a friend were pulled over in Potter County, TX, where police found four pounds of methamphetamine and two stolen pistols.

LA Weekly also reports that Greedo faced up to 300 years in prison, but agreed to a 20 year sentence. The rapper took to Instagram to speak on his current situation.

“No, I’m not in jail,” he wrote. “I’m not lying about being in jail, the media lying. I don’t have life. I do have a lot of time. I ain’t going ’til the summer time. If you fuck with me, fuck with me…Let’s turn up ’til I’m gone. I’m not in fucking jail.”

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In March, Greedo spoke with Billboard about growing up in the infamous Jordan Downs projects, and more.

“Watts is the most spiritual place. People from Watts are people who relocated from Louisiana,” Greedo said to Billboard. “I don’t listen to West Coast music. We grew up on Cash Money, No Limit and southern music. We don’t even jam to what people jam to in Cali. When you’re coming down, you’re seeing a gang of people sitting outside. You’re seeing old people, smokers, people playing Dominoes and chess, people selling shit, people working with their bare hands, hustlers.”

He continued:

“It’s just the most spiritual place. It’s probably for the connection with Louisiana. The energy and spiritually, it’s very real. I just think that how they present it to us is people that don’t have anything to do with that so they make it seem more spooky and creepy and weird. But we’re all Africans, you feel me? That’s where the shit comes from.”

Stream The Wolf of Grape Street below.

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