30-Year-Old Man Offered Job With Starting Bonus After Court Orders Him To Move Out Of Parents’ Home


Michael Rotondo was court-ordered to move out of his parents’ home near Syracuse last week. Since news about his “failure to launch” broke the Internet, restaurant chain Villa Italian Kitchen offered the 30-year-old a store-level job at any of their 250 locations with a $1,101 starting bonus.

A rep for Villa Italian Kitchen said they “have not received a response yet,” though they did reach out to him. The franchise’s COO Andrew Steinberg told ABC News it’s hard for millennials to find work.

“We feel that millennials catch a lot of flack for everything from being lazy to killing department stores, but in reality, it can be difficult to start a career so we decided to try to help Michael out,” Steinberg said.

Rotondo’s been living with his parents rent-free for eight years, according to Yahoo News. A month after losing custody and visitation rights of his son, they pleaded he get a full-time job, health insurance and sessions with a therapist. They even offered him money to help him find a new place.

Rotondo told Good Morning America he accepted their money, but spent it on “other things.” His parents had enough of him and took him to court, forcing Rotondo to move out.