13-Yr Old Zavion Parker Escapes Abduction and Assault By White Supremacists


A disturbing story involving a 13-year-old boy and a possible group of white supremacists has shaken a town in Houston, TX.

ABC13’s local news affiliate KTRK shared the story of Zavion Parker, who was abducted from his school bus stop in East Houston on Monday (May 14) when five teenage boys forced him into a 4-door vehicle decorated with flames on the side. The teens were accompanied by one white adult male driver with orange hair that had a racially-charged tattoo that read, “I hate black people.”

The suspects then took the sixth grader to an abandoned building where they assaulted him and took his jacket, shoes, phone and keys. Once they had the phone in their possession, they began to text his mother, Michelle Lee, with threatening messages.

“We’re going to hang him. You’re going to find him in the morning,” read one of the messages. Lee then called the police and filed a report saying that her son never returned home from school and she was receiving threatening messages.

When the suspects allegedly went into the other room to load a gun, Zavion made his escape and ran away. A witness named Camecia Carmouche happened to be driving down the street and saw the boy with a torn shirt and no shoes and asked if he needed help. “His face was puffed up. He had scratches. His shirt was ripped. He had no shoes on,” said Carmouche. She also said the child told her that the bodies of other black men or boys were in the shack.


Lee says she won’t feel at peace until her son’s attackers are apprehended, especially knowing the reason he was targeted was due to his skin color. “He said the reason why they got him because they said he was black, he deserved to die,” said Lee.

Some people have doubted his story, but in a recent update, police said the child’s mother and Carmouche led police to the shack described by the boy. Investigators discovered shell casings, a wooden chair and other weapons.


The investigation is still ongoing.