Blac Youngsta Misses His “Old Friends”


Yes, Blac Youngsta is a comedian. So some may forget that he really is from the street life, and his stories reveal a part of America that’s often forgotten about by both black and white elites. However, the Memphis reminds us of his hard knock roots by revisiting his debut album 223 to release the music visuals for “Old Friends.”

Led by Mr. Boomtown, the black and white video takes us into the hood where goons, gang members and dope boys get all the way live.

“Kick a door, hit the floor/I came for you boyfriend/You don’t want a fucking smoke/It gone be a war again/I tote them big Glocks/Shoot you in your organs/Ride my nigga to the death/And I’ll ride my nigga to the death,” raps the CMG artist.

223 was released back in February. Here, the 26-year-old MC touches on social issues that are plaguing cities like Detroit, and Houston, as well as sharing his thoughts on Donald Trump, among other important topics.

When Blac Youngsta spoke to VIBE after the release of his 2015 mixtape, I Swear to God, he talked candidly about his tumultuous upbringing in Memphis.

“I went to jail for dope charges, gun charges, lot of sh*t. The longest I did was probably like a year. I never did no real time. I was slangin’ dope so a nigga made bond. I went to HTC. It was grown folks in there. They had people in there that killed a lot of little kids, you know how people be shooting up schools and shit!”

Blac also spoke about the death of his brother.

“I don’t want to get too deep on it. But my little brother had passed. And, I thought about doing it,” says Blac with honesty while talking about suicide. “I’ll keep it one hundred. My little brother wasn’t in the streets, period, and he was dead. I was in the streets, period. So I felt like I should’ve been dead.”

“I put my life on the line for him to grow up and go to the military. I did so much sh*t. Stole out stores, stole clothes from people, all type of things for my little brother to live. [For] a nigga to kill him and he ain’t never did shit. [That] was touching me. So yes, I thought about doing it. But I had my kids to live for — that’s all I’m talk about on that. I don’t like talking about it. I never really spoke on that sh*t.”

Watch the video above.