Black NYPD Cop Falsely Arrested By Fellow Officers


A black police officer was recently arrested by fellow members of the NYPD. Officer Karim Powell of the 114th precinct in Queens was chased down in March 2017, The New York Post reports.

Initially, he was off duty while driving in his vehicle in the Bronx. The authorities who arrested him alleged he led them on a car chase just before they pulled him over. Now, the 32-year-old is seeking $5 million for the emotional anguish that took place after the incident.

Powell said an officer approached him and placed him in handcuffs after Powell explained that he was a fellow police officer. “His reply was, ‘What job?’ and I said, ‘Same job as you,’” Powell recalled. Additionally, he showed them his badge, but that still did not suffice. “I took my ID out, and [the cop] said, ‘I can’t see it.’ I took it out of my wallet and gave it to him,” Powell said. “He took the keys off the roof and said, ‘F**k that s**t.’

After the back and forth, they placed a handcuffed Powell in the back of a police vehicle. Soon after, a sergeant arrived and demanded Powell’s release. Still, the officers continued to harass Powell. He was taken to the 47th precinct and got his ID and weapon confiscated, according to The Root.

Powell reportedly knew one of the officers because of an interaction they had regarding a parked vehicle. The five-year veteran’s Police Benevolent Association delegate filed a notice of claim, which states that he “told the PBA delegate the officers are ‘lying’ and the GPS data from their assigned marked [patrol car] will prove it.”

An investigation is underway. Powell was also charged with “failure to show ID,” which he initially did when they first attempted to arrest him.