Just Like Boogie Said, His New “Self Destruction” Video Is “Extra As F**k”

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We know that present-day video budgets allow artists to damn near make feature films if they want to, but who says music videos can’t have a little random fun every now and then? Boogie is definitely down for not taking himself too seriously as evidenced by his playful new “Self Destruction” video.

The visual for the new single opens with the Compton-born rapper perched on a piano bench in the middle of a living room snow stow, saying, “Aw man, I’m extra as f**k.” The rest of the video proceeds to be just that. Later on, we’ll find him hanging upside down over a pool a la Spiderman and eventually riding bikes with his homies through the sky. None of it makes much sense, but that’s because it doesn’t have to. “I miss fun videos and always wanted to see n***as have super powers,” Boogie said of the Justicewearscoolpants-directed flick.

However, don’t be fooled by the prop snow and “ET goes home” moment; Boogie’s bars still bite:

Yeah this that act like we don’t know this where our actions have got us
You know my son ain’t have no money braggin’ ’bout Benihana’s
But it’s still f**k your broken system, postin’ pictures, postin’ scriptures, h**s and n***as, bros and snitches, co-defendants, rollin’ skimps, your frozen wrist, your goals and missions
’cause you ain’t got no h**s still

At the tail-end of the video, the song switches from vicious and pounding so a potential ballad, carried by the lovely coos of an unnamed lady vocalist. This is the third single—we already got “Violence” feat. Masego and “Came Up” in December—released as we wait for his forthcoming Shady Records debut album, out this summer.

Watch the video below.