Brandy Reacts To Issa Rae’s ‘GQ’ ’90s Tribute Shoot

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Issa Rae gave 90s babies the greatest gift after she paid homage to beloved sitcoms and characters of that decade in GQ Magazine’s “Comedy Issue.” Her spread particularly hit a soft spot for singer Brandy, whom Rae portrayed in one of the photos. Brandy quickly took to Twitter after catching wind of the shoot (May 22) to celebrate Rae’s “beautiful spirit.”

In the photo, the Insecure creator appeared to recreate a look from Brandy’s days as Moesha. Rae sports a braided wig with a mini skirt and tribal-patterned cardigan. In a post, Brandy praised Rae for getting the look spot on. “[email protected] you’re such a beautiful spirit,” she wrote. “Thank you for portraying me in your @GQMagazine shoot for #BlackTvIcons #MoEsha #blessing.”

Moesha premiered on television in Jan. 1996, and concluded in May 2001. Issa Rae previously mentioned the show in Aug. 2017, when discussing the lack of teen drama series about people of color.  “I don’t think since, I would say, like, Moesha, have we followed the lives of black teens,” she said in a video at the time.

In addition to paying tribute to Brandy’s character, Rae also showed love for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, A Different World, and Family Matters. Take a look at other pics from the GQ shoot below.

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