Brooklyn Man Kills Wife Before Slitting His Own Throat


Tuesday afternoon (May 15) Lucy Gomez returned to her East Flatbush apartment to find the kitchen engulfed in white smoke due to a pot of lentils still on the lit stove. Gomez then looked closer to discover the couple she lived with dead on the floor.

“I was horrified,” Gomez said to a¬†New York Daily News¬†reporter. “At first I couldn’t see anything because there was white smoke everywhere. But then I saw the two bodies on the kitchen floor.”

Holding her 11-month baby, Gomez frantically called for help unsure if they survived the ordeal. “I called 911 right away, because I wasn’t sure if they were still alive. I told them, ‘There are two bodies in the kitchen! Hurry,’ ” she recalled.

Law enforcement investigating the bloody scene said Mauricio Papulla stabbed his wife multiple times before taking his own life. It’s reported the two fought over suspicions of infidelity.

Silvia, 30, suffered several stab wounds to her chest while Maurico, whose age hasn’t been made public, had a large laceration to his neck. The couple’s 11-year-old daughter was at school when the murder-suicide occurred.

“My guess is that she was in the middle of cooking when he attacked her. That’s why there was smoke all over the apartment,” Gomez said. “My little girl was sleeping. Thankfully she didn’t see anything. I can’t erase the images out of my head. It was a horrible thing to see, to find the bodies.”

Joanna Ruiz who also lived in the house said the couple were arguing for some time.

“They would fight a lot. He was always jealous of her. He would insult her a lot and hit her. He would call her a slut,” Ruiz, 19, said. “She was scared of him.”

Gomez told reporters she broke the news to the couple’s daughter who began to sob upon learning her parents were dead. As of now, the child is staying with Gomez while social workers decide what measures to take next.