Chicago Choir Uses Music To Heal The City’s Trauma


A Chicago choir looks to use music to help the city’s most at-risk residents.

According to Chicago’s Fox 32, Harmony, Hope, and Healing is a choir group that is made up of the formerly homeless and/or victims of traumatic experiences with the goal of using music to smooth the emotional scars caused by these events. The group was created by an opera singer, Marge Nykaza, with the purpose of traveling to jails and centers to employ songs as a method of remedying their internal plagues.

One of Harmony, Hope, and Healing’s biggest success stories would be that of Amanda Brown who went from a homeless, heroin addict to DePaul graduate. This transition not only speaks to Brown’s commitment but also the power of music and its freedom.

“I wasn’t held back by anything. Music allows you to be whoever you want to be Everything I’ve been looking for outside of me has been inside of me and music was the vehicle that brought me to myself,” Brown said, who will be clean for 12 years this upcoming July.

Brown is paying this benevolence forward as she continues to work with Harmony, Hope, and Healing as well as working as a counselor at a Chicago homeless shelter.