Chris Brown’s Legal Team Responds To ‘Sex Party’ & Rape Lawsuit


Chris Brown was recently slapped with a hefty lawsuit of $17 million, by a woman who is claiming that she was raped during a party that was held at the singer’s home in Feb. 2017. While CB has kept fairly quiet about the alleged incident, his lawyer, Mark Geragos has stepped forward to respond on his behalf. According to Geragos, the allegations are completely untrue and just another attempt to shake his client down.

“There’s no case here,” Chris’s lawyer stated during a live interview with TMZ’s Harvey Levin. “Chris is a target and for the last 10 years anybody who comes at him should know they’re going to meet the full force of my firm.”

Geragos also claimed that the case is not currently under criminal investigation. “If any of that were true it would have been criminally investigated. Obviously, it was and it was rejected,” he continued. “Chris didn’t do anything. My investigation shows that none of these allegations are true.”

As previously reported, the victim – who is being identified as Jane Doe – alleges that she was forced into a bathroom by Brown’s friend Lowell Grissom, and ordered to perform oral sex on Grissom as well as his female friend. Doe also claims that Grissom raped her again during two separate occasions in Feb. 2017. She was reportedly treated at a local California treatment center, and reported the alleged rapes to the police. Doe’s attorney, Gloria Allred called her client’s case “one of the most horrific sexual assault cases” she’s seen in her career during a recent press conference. Geragos stated that he told Allred to “pound sand” on the account of Brown’s innocence.

Watch the full interview below.


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