‘Dear White People’ Releases Mock Trailer To Help Soothe Backlash Over Show’s Title


Netflix’s Dear White People has no patience to feed into the white tears being shed due to the show’s name. After various white people took to the Internet to deem the show’s title as “racist,”  the series posted a mock trailer on Twitter offering people the chance to change the title to Dear All People in their web browser.

The show recently premiered its second season on Netflix earlier this month. It explores the difficulty of being a black person in white America while offering viewers characters they can relate to regardless of their own background. It packs cringe-worthy moments into the lives of its five characters of color who attend a fictional Ivy League institution, Winchester University.

“I think the show has two goals,” the program’s creator, Justin Simien, told the The New York Times. “One is to allow people who don’t necessarily look like us to see themselves in characters they don’t expect to, so that the next time they see a black guy at Starbucks, they won’t feel the need to call the cops on him.”

The mock trailer opens up with the faces of displeased white people looking nothing less than shook while the narrator sarcastically plays along. “Does the title ‘Dear White People’ still have you triggered? Are you feeling attacked? Angry? Feel like you need a safe space online? Don’t worry. We have just the solution for you.”

The solution being a “word replacer application” made by Winchester University a.k.a Netflix. The Chrome extension is said to be able to replace the title of the show to Dear All People because all people are marginalized in the same way of course.

Check out the clip below.