Donald Glover Shares Why He’s Dodged “This Is America” Feedback And Meeting Stevie Wonder


Donald Glover—a.k.a. Childish Gambino—is definitely shining in the aftermath of his ubiquitous video, “This is America.” The thought-provoking piece of art has spurred the internet to produce opinion pieces and decode its message.

While it must be flattering, Glover recently admitted on Jimmy Kimmel Live that he hasn’t checked the online feedback because he’s very sensitive to criticism. “Some friends have sent like a couple but to be real I haven’t been on the internet since Thursday night, before Saturday Night Live,” he began.

“Just cause it’s bad for me. I’m really sensitive. More like I see one negative thing and I track that person down. I would go into their Instagram and be like ‘you’re not so great.’ ‘That baby is not even that cute,’” he gushed.

The Atlanta show creator also shared his experience performing “Superstitious” with Stevie Wonder. “I used his songs in Atlanta and you have to ask special permission. I called him, I got his number. So we’re texting, [which is] already crazy,” he explained  “I’m like, ‘Hey Stevie I want to use your song.’ He’s then like, ‘Well send it over, let me read it.’ It gets turned into Braille, gets sent to him, he reads it and then we don’t hear anything.”

Eventually, Wonder approved it. Wonder’s reaction to the rough-cut edit also delighted and baffled Glover at the same time.