Donald Trump Said America’s Ancestors “Tamed A Continent”


Donald Trump made headlines this weekend after speaking to the 2018 Naval Academy graduates and declaring “our ancestors tamed a continent,” and then added “we are not going to apologize for America.”

On Friday, (May 25) President Trump boasted about the nation’s beginnings and said many have forgotten its history and the battles won.

“In recent years, and even decades, too many people have forgotten that truth. They’ve forgotten that our ancestors trounced an empire, tamed a continent, and triumphed over the worst evils in history.”

The president continued to sing the nation’s praises and spoke of its might and penchant for peace.”America is the greatest fighting force for peace, justice and freedom in the history of the world. We have become a lot stronger lately. We are not going to apologize for America. We are going to stand up for America.”

Before Europeans settled in what is now known as America, Native Americans owned and occupied the land. It was with vicious force that America’s indigenous people were pushed out. During Andrew Jackson’s presidency, he signed the Indian Removal Act of 1830 which led to the slaughter of thousands of Native Americans.

Trump ended his speech by doubling down on America’s past and the days to come. “A nation must have pride in its history to have confidence in its future,” Trump said.

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