Drake Takes Shots At Pusha T, Kanye West On “Duppy Freestyle”


The longtime feud between Drake and Pusha-T just keeps on boiling. Just a few hours after Pusha’s “Infrared” was released with a subliminal line shading Drake, the “God’s Plan” rapper has a response of his own.

“Infrared,” the closing song off Pusha-T’s latest project, Daytona, released Friday (May 25), features the lyrics: “Your hooks did it/ The lyrics pennin’ equals to Trump’s winnin’/ The bigger question is how the Russians did it/ It was written like Nas but it came from Quentin.” The verse was widely received as taking a shot at Drizzy using ghostwriters on his songs.

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On “Duppy Freestyle,” which Drake posted to Soundcloud later Friday, he opens with the words, “I’m in shock. The nerve, the audacity.” He then dives into a three-minute flow mentioning GOOD Music label founder Kanye West directly, and hitting everything from Pusha’s age to his dying career.

“I had a microphone of yours/ But then the signature faded/ I think that pretty much resembles what’s been happening lately,” Drake raps.He also puts a twist on the line that shaded him in the first place: “Whoever supposedly making me hits/ But ain’t got no hits sounds like they need me/My hooks did it/ My lyrics did it/My spirit did it.”

Listen to Drake’s new “Duppy Freestyle” below.

This article was originally published by Billboard