Florida Man Arrested For Spewing Lewd Comments About Child Birth At Kids


In the last few years, Florida has earned an unsettling reputation for its crime and it doesn’t seem to be straying away from that branding. On Sunday, (May 20) one of its citizens was arrested for climbing a playground structure and reportedly spewing crude term at the children playing the vicinity.

According to the New York Post, 30-year-old Otis Dawayne Ryan of Tampa Bay, FL was apprehended for allegedly scaling a piece playground equipment and yelling at the children about “where babies come from” and using “a vulgar term in doing so.” The group of children who were between the ages of four and six quickly ran to their parents before police were dispatched and Ryan was arrested.

This is not Ryan’s first offense. According to the Tampa Bay Times, police noted Ryan has “caused a number of disturbances in the area recently.” While Ryan’s arrest records show that he has been jailed several times over the last year on charges of disorderly conduct, battery, and carrying a concealed weapon.

This latest disturbance adds to his record. Court documents show that after being adjudicated guilty, Ryan was fined $118, and ordered to stay away from the park before being released.