Florida Woman During DUI Arrest: “Jesus Drank Wine And So Did I”


Florida resident Nicole Ann Mintner reportedly mixed Xanax and alcohol and as a result was found asleep behind the wheel Sunday (May 28). When police tried to arrest her, she justified her actions, telling officers, “Jesus drank wine and so did I.”

The New York Post reports Mintner, 45, was found inside her silver Dodge, hazard lights on and engine running. In an attempt to assess the situation officers asked her questions when she refused to remove her sunglasses. She slapped an officer on the shoulder twice, according to police. When the cops saw four empty bottles of sangria in the center console of her car, she admitted to drinking as well as popping a Xanax.

Police attempted to put her in the back of the police car after she was placed under arrest, but she “continuously” screamed, and on the way to the detention center threatened to urinate in the back seat of the patrol car.

Once at the jail, Mintner was on her worst behavior. Officers tried to give her a field sobriety test but she began singing “Amazing Grace,” threw a sock at a camera recording the test and flashed her right breast “completely revealing it to the camera and jail staff.”

Mintner was released Monday (May 28) on a $6,000 bond, according to the Post.