Gabrielle Union Talks Super Mom Role At ‘Breaking In’ Premiere

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Gabrielle Union steps into super mom mode in the new thriller, Breaking In. The famed actress plays a character who’s forced to protect her children at all costs against home invaders. Being that Union has a great deal of motherly experience by taking care of her own step-children in real life, it seemed like getting into character wasn’t hard.

“I think for all caregivers, we do heroic stuff every day, we just don’t get credit for it — and especially moms, you know, they get celebrated one day out of the year, but they are moving heaven and earth for their kids, and I can’t imagine, when your kids’ lives are on the line, what a mom would do,” Union said to Entertainment Tonight.

The movie is produced by filmmaker Will Packer and Union. Both have worked together on various projects like Almost Christmas and Think Like A Man. The pair attended the film’s Hollywood premiere on Tuesday (May 1) where the 45-year-old actress was accompanied by her husband, NBA star Dwyane Wade.

Breaking In premieres in theaters nationwide on Friday (May 11)