Girl Suspected Of Fatally Stabbing 14-Year-Old Is Still At Large


A Fort Worth, Texas teenager that is suspected of stabbing a girl to death during a slumber party is still at large.

According to Fox 32, 14-year-old Nylah Lightfoot was stabbed in her sleep early Tuesday morning (May 29) at an apartment complex. Lightfoot and the two other girls engaged in a conflict which led to her death from wounds to her neck and chest.

Lightfoot moved to south Fort Worth close to two months ago and was described as “playful” and “friendly.” “She was young,” the victim’s friend, Jurni Kennard, told the publication. “Wrong place. Wrong time. Who would’ve thought yesterday was her last day.”

Police state that one suspect fled the scene and is “still at large,” while the department claims to know who the other adolescent is but have yet to make an arrest.