Gladius James And Wiz Khalifa Prove They Don’t Need Money To Be “Rich” (Video)


Gladius James may be swimming in musical accolades, fame and fortune, but the time he truly feels “rich” is when he’s with bae. As spring time comes to close, James serves up a smooth bedroom banger that will spark a fire within loving couples and Tinder hook-ups just in time for the summer. The L.A. resident recently delivered his brand new single called “Rich” featuring Wiz Khalifa along with an accompanying video.

“It’s been almost two years since I wrote ‘Rich’ and at the time I didn’t write it for anyone specific,” James said in a press release. “I honestly can’t explain where it came from. But as I’ve grown and I’m becoming a more refined individual, there’s part of me that believes I wrote it for myself. I’m speaking to my heart, I’m speaking to my feminine side, and I’m finding my inner value in the midst of feeling hopeless about myself.”

In the emotional visual adaptation of “Rich,” we follow James as he strolls aimlessly through his apartment as he craves the girl of his dreams. At the same time, his dream girl is in her bed writing sweet nothings in her notebook. As she peers out the window, she sits and waits for James to stop singing and come through for some Netflix & chill action. Meanwhile, on the other side of the apartment, Wiz Khalifa is rapping about the only girl he would clean himself up for while filling up the room with the smell of KK.

“Making the song and video with Gladius was super tight cause the song is so fire,” Wiz said about working with James.

After spending years behind the scenes cooking up instrumentals for Ty Dolla $ign, Demi Lovato, and Justin Bieber, the New Zealand native decided to step into the spotlight with his debut single “Too Bad” last year, and followed up with his revealing song “We Got Issues.” As he finishes up his forthcoming EP REVELATION, the songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer gives us another glimpse at what to expect when it drops via Island Records in the near future.

Watch the official video for Gladius James’ new collaboration with Wiz Khalifa above.