Hear The Change From PNB Chizz to “Just Chizz” On His New 7-Song EP


There are times when reppin’ your set is a way of life. We see how those that are bonded by the streets and sections they are born in becomes their moniker and it overshadow’s their true meaning. Not to denounce his squad but formerly known as PNB Chizz, now just Chizz is shedding his pre-fix and bringing his talent to the forefront. Similar to the ASAP’s of Harlem, Chizz kept the PNB title to rock with his brother from the streets, PNB Rock of “Selfish” fame. Times have changed but the love remains the same with Chizz and the PNB crew, it’s just time to move on to a new phase and this 7-track EP titled Just Chizz is the step in that direction.

The sound on his new work is what he’s known for, hard lyrics to hard beats, but with a bit more introspection this time for good measure. As for the grinding in the vein of his own name, “I know my rise to the top ain’t as fast as the rest. It just takes more time when you building the steps.” Chizz continues, “I couldn’t take the elevator, it had a weight limit and I got a lot of weight with me.”

Yes you do Chizz, you have some heavy hip-hop to hit the world with…rock on. And for the rest of yall, stream it below.