‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Star Charged With Disorderly Conduct For Black Lives Matter Protest

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How to Get Away with Murder actor, Matt McGorry was reportedly arrested during a Black Lives Matter protest in Harlem back in Apr. 2018, the NY Daily News recently reported. The new report claims he was recently charged with disorderly conduct.

McGorry reportedly attended a Black Lives Matter Protest, called “NYC Shut It Down” on Apr. 16, authorities claim. The march was reportedly in honor of Decynthia Clements, a 34-year-old black woman who was shot and killed by Illinois police in Mar. 2018. During the protest, police officers claimed McGorry and several others were blocking traffic when they passed through the busy intersection of Harlem’s West 122nd Street. When asked to move, McGorry reportedly rejected several demands, cops said. He was arrested on the scene.

Following the incident, the actor posted a memo on Medium, entitled “A Tale of Two Cities: Making Black Lives Matter in the ‘Liberal Bubble,'” which detailed his fight against police brutality. “In the age of Trump, the racist rhetoric of our country and the escalation of violence is suddenly highly visible to white folks in ways it never had been previously,” he wrote. “But abuse stemming from the inherently oppressive nature of the police — even in the most liberal cities, like New York City or Los Angeles (my current home) — has never received the attention it deserves from its white residents.

The Harlem rally was reportedly McGorry’s fifth time marching in support of victims of police brutality He previously marched for Mike Brown and Eric Garner.  “As white people, it is long overdue that we summon the courage and political will to follow the lead of people of color and show up for racial justice,” he previously said.

McGorry is reportedly due in court on June 13, for a desk appearance ticket.