An Informant Detailed The Torturing Of A Fellow Drug Dealer With His Co-Conspirators



A government informant took the stand Tuesday (May 8) and described to Brooklyn federal jurors what occurred when he and his co-conspirators tortured and kidnapped a man.

According to the New York Post Brooklyn drug dealer, Tyrone Burch spoke in length about when he and defendants Michael Crumble and Ramell Markus abducted Daniel Nieves on Dec. 18. The intent was to rob the victim for $100,000 worth of drugs and money. Nieves, however, did not concede immediately, leading to eight hours of abuse.

“They smashed a glass cup against his mouth, they tied him up and they burned him with a hot iron,” Gerdes told the jurors. A claim Burch corroborated as he detailed his role. “I told him if he didn’t give me the drugs and money I was going to burn him. I picked up the iron and felt it was hot and burned him with the iron.”

However, the defendants’ lawyers seek to use the felonious pasts of both Burch and Nieves to discredit their accusations.

“Burch is literally a career criminal,” Crumble’s attorney, Kannan Sundaram stated, describing Burch and Nieves as “opportunists for hire.” While Markus’s lawyer, Charles Hockbaum, focused his attack on Nieves’ problematic profession. “People have died from the heroin he produced,” Hockbaum detailed. “(Nieves) was a major heroin and fentanyl dealer.”

This legal take on “I know you are but what am I?” is a valiant attempt by the defendant’s lawyers to minimize the statements of Burch and Nieves who are expected to testify on Wednesday (May 9). If found guilty, Crumble and Markus could face up to seven years in prison.