Jamie Foxx Will Reportedly Be Starring In The New Adaptation Of ‘Spawn’

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Jamie Foxx is back on the big screen, and reportedly set to star in the reboot of Spawn, Variety reports. The forthcoming film is being directed by Todd McFarlane, whom also created the original comic book.

The world first got to see the Spawn character in print back in 1992. Then in 1997, HBO produced a film on the character starring Michael Jai White. Like Marvel’s Luke Cage, Spawn, in some ways, is also bullet proof. Not to mention, with the success of comic book inspired movies like Black Panther, it’s refreshing to see more black actors star in super hero films.

McFarlane recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly about his directorial debut film where he revealed, Spawn, the character, won’t be talking throughout the movie. “There’s a mechanism for the character of Spawn to talk, but Spawn himself won’t,” he says. “So there’s gonna be two forms. So when the form of Spawn comes, then that’s it, then it’s just go time. I’ve never been a fan of listening or wanting to see the ghost talk. So when the ghost is there, he’s not gonna talk. But is there a reason why I need an actor? Of course I do. So there will be a voice given to the character, it just won’t be when he’s in costume.”

It’s going to be interesting to see Jamie play a mute character. Besides Foxx’s forthcoming film, will also get to see him hosting to BET Awards this year.

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