Kanye West Reveals Past Addiction To Opioids: “I Was Drugged The F**k Out”

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Only hours after Charlamagne Tha God dropped his pre-recorded interview with Kanye West on May 1, the controversial rapper headed over to TMZ Live to continue the conversation, and there was a lot to unpack. During the heated discussion, Kanye revealed that he suffered from an addiction to opioids, which ultimately led to his notorious breakdown in 2016.

According to Ye, he starting popping the powerful painkillers following a liposuction procedure. The decision to get lipo reportedly stemmed from his fear of appearing “fat” – something he said his brother-in-law Rob Kardashian was crucified in the media for. His doctors originally prescribed the medicine to cope with the intense operation.  “I was drugged the f**k out, bro,” he said.

He later confessed that he continued to take the meds during the Saint Pablo Tour, even after his recovery. While the rapper admitted that he was taking well beyond the amount he should have been taking, he suggested he was prescribed too much.

If you recall, the same time Kanye was popping pills, he suffered from a reported breakdown and was rushed to the hospital. He also received backlash for his manic rants about Donald Trump and JAY-Z on stage. The Saint Pablo Tour was reportedly cancelled early in Nov. 2016, due to his medical emergency.

Kanye’s political and social views have only gotten more bizarre since 2016, so it’s hard to link his rants with heavy drug use without getting a medical perspective.

Watch the full TMZ Live interview, where Kanye discusses slavery, Trump, and more below.

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