Kanye West’s “Poopy-di Scoop” Song Is Climbing The Billboard Hot 100 Chart

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It was assumed that Kanye West was just trolling when he released his single “Lift Yourself,” aka, the “poopy-di scoop” song at the end of Apr. 2018. Well, trolling or not, apparently fans are actually listening to the track, and it’s climbing the charts.

According to new stats, the single is climbing to No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. That’s right – number five! This means a number of trolls out there are streaming the song, regardless of the fact that it really says nothing on it.


If you recall, Ye’s single begins with pretty spectacular production and samples. It also includes choir vocals, before diving into the meat of the track with poop-referencing lyrics.

It’s unclear if the single was meant to be a serious track or not, but radio personality Charlamagne Tha God told VIBE in an exclusive interview that he believes Kanye released the song in order to prove a point. According to Charlamagne, Ye was using the theory that Dave Chappelle originally explained during his Netflix stand-up, in which he stated that he could say or do anything and it would still gain attention regardless.

Kanye is currently in Wyoming reportedly working on his solo album and joint project with Travis Scott. While it’s clear fans will love anything Yeezy puts out, let’s hope we get a little more than “poop-di scoop” on the upcoming records.

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