Lil Xan Keys His Own Car, Claims He’s Mentally Ill In New Video


Lil Xan raised eyebrows after posting a video of himself scratching his car and discussing his mental illnesses and issues with materialism and his management.

The Total Xanarchy musician showed fans his scratched up, “just bought” black vehicle, that he claims he damaged himself.

“I wanna show ‘ya what mental illness really f**king looks like,” the rapper says before showing the damage on his car. Later on in the video, he is seen kicking the vehicle, and he continues to discuss his issues.

“Wanna know why I’m doing that?” the California native asks. “Because of mental f**king illness. All this materialistic sh*t don’t mean sh*t in this world…I’m owned, I’m a f**king slave. I’m a slave to my management, I’m a slave to everybody. I don’t get control of my license, I don’t get control of my bank account.” He also claims he’s not able to drive his $150,000 damaged car.

At the video’s conclusion, Xan says that he doesn’t care if he gets made fun of, because he wanted to show what ‘mental illness’ was.

“I don’t care,” he says. “Make fun of me. Make fun of me on the Internet. I don’t give a f**k.”

Watch the video below.