Lupe Fiasco Adds Context To Drake’s Blackface Photos

Music News

Pusha T sent the music industry up in flames on Tuesday (May 29) after he dropped his incendiary diss track, “The Story of Adidon,” which was a direct shot at Drake. While there’s still a lot to unpack in the single (like Drizzy’s alleged son), many fans can’t stop talking about Pusha T’s single “art,” which features photos of Drake in blackface. Many appear to be upset about the matter, but Lupe Fiasco is joining the conversation to add some context.

Shortly after the diss track leaked, Lupe slid into one fan’s Twitter mentions after he was asked about the controversial pics. “Not defending or deflecting, but did you see the whole picture,” he asked. “It’s two pictures you know. You do know that right? That it’s two pictures.”

He continued: “Yes it’s two pictures of 6 in blackface… The one Pusha has as the cover is connected to another one but it’s cropped off. The one you saw is happy, the other is dark and sad. Both together actually presents a powerful duality of representation and race and its expectations on art.”

Lupe also explained how Drake’s photos were a form of artistic expression in order to tackle larger issues of race. “Last time I checked 6 was a mix of 2 of the most hated races on earth. Made an artistic gesture in those photos,” he added, before equating Drake gesture to Pusha’s DAYTONA album art cover, which uses a $85,000 photo of Whitney Houston’s drug-infested bathroom (courtesy of Kanye West).

“Pusha let Ye put a stolen photo of Queen Whitney at her worst as an album cover as an artistic gesture. I can see validity in both.”

While Pusha T confirmed the image is not Photoshopped, Lupe’s claim about there being two images is correct. Drake has not weighed in on the matter at this time. Check out the photos and read Lupe’s full comments below.