The Choice Of The Choice-less: Lupe Fiasco Provides An In-Depth Look Into Slavery


Between fan disappointment, praise and debates about Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco has provided actual factuals behind the history of slavery and the aspect of “making a choice.”

Taking to Twitter in a series of videos this week, the rap wordsmith expanded on the history of slavery and many misconceptions that have followed it. “Quick super fact,” Lupe begins. “Slavery was a choice because you either had the choice of death or work.”

He also broke down how slave masters tormented slaves mentally, physically, and emotionally on the shores of Africa before they boarded the ships to America. For the most part, slavery began the second innocent Africans were torn from their families, kidnapped from their village, and sent to slave castles to await their grueling trip across the Atlantic ocean where they finally faced their only choices: work or death.

“Understand that slaves are humans,” Lupe said. “They were subject to all kinds of torture. It wasn’t as simple as when you got to America now you’ve got the choice to be this or be that. Your destiny was pretty much written out for you.”

The Tetsuo & Youth rhymer also mentions that the only slaves who led revolts were already active in the military or “incorporated inside of the society itself to even have the choice to revolt or overcome the shackles of slavery.” While the narrative of rebellions lie between Harriet Tubman and Nat Turner, there were hundreds of rebellions that have taken place such as the Zanj Rebellion and the Haitian Revolution.

He also advises to take a slave’s life expectancy in America into consideration, which he says was at least two years after they reach the plantation. Fiasco sees Ye’s point, but his explanation definitely discredits the College Dropout’s argument in the long run.

Watch his full response to Yeezy’s outburst below.