Baltimore Revokes Police Lawsuit Against State Attorney Marilyn Mosby


A federal judge has overturned a police lawsuit against Baltimore City State Attorney Marilyn Mosby, The Root reports. In 2015, Mosby charged six officers with the death of Freddie Gray; five of those officers filed a lawsuit against her claiming she practiced malicious prosecution. A federal court blocked that suit on Monday (May 7), meaning the case can no longer continue.

When Mosby charged the six officers, a judge acquitted three of them, which led her to dismiss three of the remaining cases. The officers, William Porter, Garrett Miller, Edward Nero and Sgt. Alicia White filed a civil lawsuit claiming there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute them for Gray’s death.

The 25-year-old died a few days after riding in the back of a police van; subsequently, the ride caused him a severe spinal cord injury. Authorities believe Mosby charged them because she was attempting to ease Baltimore’s tension due to Gray’s untimely death.

Mosby asserts she was trying to bring justice to the issue instead of acting politically. According to the Baltimore Sun, she stated, “I support the court’s opinion that the people of Baltimore elected me to deliver one standard of justice for all, and that using the legal system to reach a fair and just resolution to Gray’s death was not a political move, but rather it was my duty.”

Chief Judge Roger Gregory declared that because Mosby is a prosecutor she is immune to any of these charges filed against her. “We resoundingly reject the invitation to cast aside decades of Supreme Court and circuit precedent to narrow the immunity prosecutors enjoy,” Gregory wrote in the court’s opinion. “And we find no justification for denying Mosby the protection from suit that the Maryland legislature has granted her.