Ellicott City, Maryland In Recovery After Flash Flood Leaves One Man Missing


Barbecues and sunshine didn’t greet Maryland residents this Memorial Day weekend. Ellicott City is recovering from Sunday’s (May 27) flash flood that has left one man missing. Howard County officials say the flooding is worse than the flood that drenched the city in July 2016.

The missing man has been identified as 30-year-old Edison Hermond. Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman told CBS law enforcement he isn’t aware of any fatalities or any more missing people.

CNN reports Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan declared a state of emergency Sunday afternoon once water levels rose to 17.8 feet within a couple hours. Some of the greater Baltimore area received three to six inches of rain, and as much as nine inches in others. Hogan called it a “once every 1,000-year flood.”

The city has been rebuilding since last summer’s flood which took out several businesses and homes. Officials said about 96 percent of businesses damaged on the Main Street area, where much of the damage was done in 2016’s flood, is back operating with more than 20 new businesses. Now Ellicott city must rebuild again.

“The place looked terrific,” Hogan said to CNN. “It’s just devastating because people have their lives tied up in this and went through a heck of a lot and came back and now they’re starting all over again.”