Mother Of Texas Shooting Victim Says One Of His Bullets Was For Her Daughter


Sadie Baze says the reason her 16-year-old daughter was gunned down last week at Santa Fe High School is because she rejected the shooter’s advances. Baze said the suspect, Dimitrios Pagouritz, pestered her daughter Shana Fisher for months to go out on date and when she refused, he took lethal retaliation.

“One of the shotgun shells was for my daughter,” Baze said. “She’s never going to walk through the front door again.”

According to CNN, Shana was one of the 10 people killed in the nation’s latest school massacre, and Baze said a week before the shooting her daughter stood up to Pagouritz in class and denied his advances. Before asking Shana out, Baze said the shooter dated her best friend and she instructed her daughter not to go out with him.

Pagouritz used a shotgun and revolver that he obtained from his father who legally owned the weapons. The 17-year-old reportedly killed 10 students and teachers and wounded 13 others. The suspect’s family released a statement Saturday (May 12) saying they’re shocked their son is accused of the heinous crime.

“While we remain mostly in the dark about the specifics of yesterday’s tragedy, what we have learned from media reports seems incompatible with the boy we love,” they said.

Under Texas law, anyone under 18 charged for a capital crime won’t face the death penalty, but faces a maximum punishment of life in prison. They only becomes eligible for parole after serving 40 years.┬áRobert Barfield, Pagouritz’s says his client has not entered a plea.