NBY Youngboy Reflects On His Aggression In New Video For “Overdose”


NBA Youngboy continues to keep his head held high in the midst of his legal troubles. Just days after the release of his latest LP, Until Death Calls My Name, the North Baton Rouge native unleashed a brand new video for his song “Overdose.”

The treatment is simple, complete with raw footage of Youngboy spending quality time with son and friends. Other scenes show the 18-year-old rapper two-stepping in the hallway of–what appears to be his home.

“Without no coat I was walkin’ and meditatin’ in the rain/Reminiscing about bein’ in prison, I was locked in them chains/Without no drugs I was workin’ and stimulatin’ my brain/I ain’t gotta act how I was actin’, everything done changed/I was missing out on plenty shit, just watchin’ time fly past/I was broke, down on my dick, I had to get me a bag,” raps Youngboy.

Youngboy’s legal troubles has marred the release of Until Death Calls My Name. On March 19, the rapper was arrested for the aggravated assault and kidnapping of his girlfriend Jania.

In March, a judge added new conditions to his bail such as banning him from using social media and not allowing him to leave Louisiana, reports the Baton Rouge Advocate. Obviously, both of the former conditions are instrumental in promoting music.

Weeks before the release of Until Death Calls My Name, the Younboy released his Money, Power, Respect mixtape.

Watch the video above.