Netflix’s ‘Dear White People’ Debuts New Trailer Ahead Of Season 2 Premiere

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Justin Simien’s hit series, Dear White Peopleis back on Netflix and it’s filled with clever one-liners as the cast comically dissects the politics of being a black person in White America. The series’ latest trailer packs in cringe-worthy moments featuring the program’s main characters—Sam, Coco, Troy, Lionel and Reggie –coming to terms with their identities.

The series is set in a prestigious faux university where conversations on the intersections of race, class, education, and privilege all come together for better or worse. It’s meant to push buttons, and create something people of color can relate to.

“I think the show has two goals,” Simien told The New York Times. “One is to allow people who don’t necessarily look like us to see themselves in characters they don’t expect to, so that the next time they see a black guy at Starbucks, they won’t feel the need to call the cops on him.”

“And the other thing is to make people who’ve actually gone through these experiences go: ‘Oh my God, totally,’” he continued. “I’m so glad someone finally put it that way. I think both of those things allow black folks to feel more human in society.”

Netflix’s Dear White People premieres on Friday (May 4).