New York Woman Waves Gun At McDonald’s Manager Over Wait For Fries


An unidentified woman pulled out a gun on an Albany McDonald’s manager Saturday evening (May 19) after she was told to wait for her small fries, and then drove off after her outburst into the sunset food-less.

Police spokesman Steve Smith told the New York Post the woman pulled into the drive-thru around 7:20 p.m. She placed her order and waited a few minutes. Her small fries took longer than anticipated and an employee asked her to drive out of the line and into the parking lot so they could bring out her fries once they were ready.

The woman wasn’t interested in waiting anymore and screamed “f**ck you.” Reportedly, she refused to park and started arguing with the employee. The manager Robin Perez said she flung a slushy from her car at the drive-thru window. Employees thought the outburst was over once she the woman parked, but she barged into the McDonald’s “cursing people out” and threatened the manager when she said he was calling the police.

“I was very scared,” Perez said. “I’m new to Albany. We don’t deal with this in Massachusetts.”

The Post reports she hopped back into her car, drove back into the drive-thru and waved a black handgun she retrieved from her waistband at Perez. Local NBC affiliate said police are still looking for her.

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