No Malice Responds To Pusha T And Drake’s Lyrical Beef


Following an eventful weekend where his name was mentioned during a fiery exchange between his brother, Pusha T, and Drake, No Malice has decided to share his thoughts on the genre’s newest conflict.

“I think it makes for good hip-hop,” he said during a live stream on Sunday (May 27). “This is an exciting moment for hip-hop, right?”

The “excitement” No Malice is referring to stems from Drake’s “Duppy Freestyle.” The Toronto native finally responded to the shots Pusha T has been throwing at him and his Cash Money counterparts since before 2012. The exchange was preceded by Pusha’s “Infared” track off his latest album, DAYTONA.

Not only did Drake give fans what they wanted by punching back, he also recorded a bar where he name-dropped No Malice.

“Your brother said it was your cousin then him then you / So you don’t rap what you do you rap what you knew,” Drake rhymed. “There’s ‘No Malice’ in your heart, you’re an approachable dude.”

In an interview with HipHopDX, No Malice explained that the Clipse broke up after their former manager, Anthony Gonzalez, went to jail for running a $10 million drug ring. Authorities then placed unwanted pressure on No Malice, forcing him to put down the mic and change his moniker to “No Malice.” Yet after being mentioned by Drake, many are excited to see if this will prompt a long-awaited Clipse reunion.

At the 23:28-minute mark of the video below, watch No Malice respond to questions about the Pusha T and Drake beef.