Popeyes ‘Employee’ Who Quit By Remixing Big Pun’s “Still Not A Player” Never Worked There


Quitting a job isn’t always easy, but one Popeyes “employee” decided to go out with a bang.

Cedrick Workuff of Kansas City grabbed a microphone and made a complete remix of Big Pun’s “Still Not A Player” to announce his resignation. A resignation that was not needed because he never worked at the franchise in the first place. The video was posted on Tuesday afternoon (May 15) by Workruff’s cousin and videographer Marco Summers. Since being posted to Twitter, it has gone viral and racked up over two million views, 76,000 retweets, and 153,000 likes.

“I don’t really want to work here no more,” Workruff melodically sings over the beat while customers chuckle. In the song, he even gave a reason for his quitting as he said they couldn’t find anyone to cover his shift. However, for the Twitter users concerned that they actually drop the chicken on the floor it seems that it was all in jest and everyone can still get their bonafide chicken in peace.

Ironically enough, the remix comes on the tail end of the song being released 20 years ago off of Pun’s debut album Capital Punishment. Whether Workruff knew of the hip-hop history behind his remix to the song is unknown; however he did admit that he wanted to spread positivity and make people laugh. “Our main missing is to bring back peace and love through laughter,” he told KSHB. Although the idea was planned, the rest was completely improvised. “It’s something me and Marco wanted to put in the works,” said Summers. “It wasn’t planned. It was all improvised. Only the idea was planned.”

He and his cousin hope to one day turn their antics into a TV show. Watch the full video that went viral below.