Producer/DJs Alyx Ander & Redondo “Casually” Run Into You On The Dance Floor with Maria Z


Music movements are started with a love of sound. You hear something and it catches your heartbeat and either slows it down or speeds it up. We call that being one with the waves…audio waves that is. Super DJ/Producer Alyx Ander is that guy that is one with the waves, and his music forces you to become one with them as well.

Jumping into his newest single “Casually” in collaboration with Dutch music act Redondo, Alyx added the heavenly voiced singer/songwriter Maria Z to the mix for a sure fire summer smash. The bouncing piano hits and thumping bass meshes well with the hand claps that will turn to fist pumps while you dance in circles during that boozy brunch with your friends. Alyx and Redondo caught the wild and free spirit of  summer while Maria Z gets her vocals in the perfect pitch for party vibes. “Maria and I have been trying to work together again for three years, ever since we made ‘Close Enough,’ says Alyx. “When Redondo and I started working with her on this one, we knew right away that we had something special. I can’t wait to play this for people live.”

Alyx Ander will have the live experience with “Casually” this weekend (May 20th) at the incredibly intense Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Nevada.  A.A. is scheduled for the festival’s Cosmic Meadow stage. Expect the Spinnin’ Records artist to bring the heat in Sin City and wherever this track is played.

Download it and dance away!