Families Of R. Kelly’s Alleged Victims To Be Involved In Lifetime Docuseries

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The families of R. Kelly’s alleged “sex cult” victims will reportedly have their voices heard on a major scale, thanks to Lifetime’s upcoming documentary series. According to a new report, the network is working with at least three families on the upcoming show.

The documentary series will reportedly follow R. Kelly’s latest scandal, in which he’s been accused of holding several women hostage in his homes in Atlanta and Chicago. The series will include cameo’s of Tim Savage – the first parent to allege that his daughter Jocelyn Savage was being brainwashed and manipulated into a sex slave by Kelly in 2017. Additionally, Michelle Gardener and Angelo Clary – who claim their daughters Azriel and Dominique respectively are being held captive– will be featured in the doc.

While little is known about the series, TMZ reports that it will include scenes of each parent searching the streets and neighborhoods for their allegedly missing children. Gardener reportedly recognized her daughter in a video TMZ posted in May 2018.  Angelo, on the other hand, has reportedly been on the hunt for his daughter for some time now. He claims his Azriel met Kelly when she was 17 and moved in with him shortly after.


In addition to the docuseries, Lifetime is reportedly working on a movie chronicling this alarming story. In other news, the #MuteRKelly movement has been another voice for the abused, calling on fans to boycott his music. Spotify also took a stand by deleting R. Kelly’s music from its playlists.

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