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Two More Women Come Forth About R. Kelly's Reported Sexual Abuse

Almost 10 years after the singer was acquitted, R. Kelly carried on as usual, but time might be up now. Two more women have come forth.

R. Kelly is under magnifying lenses once again. For over 20 years, the singer’s name has been accompanied by swarming and repeated sexual abuse allegations. His reputation precedes him. Almost 10 years after the singer was acquitted, he carried on as usual, but time might be up now since two more women have come forth.

Time's Up, an anti-sexual harassment initiative, requested further and thorough investigations into Kelly’s myriad sexual assault allegations, The Root reports. Last July, Buzzfeed introduced an alleged sex cult, led by Kelly, to the public for the first time. At the time, the recurring theme was Kelly seemingly luring girls who were most vulnerable, specifically in the area of career aspirations. The girls all wanted to be singers. Mothers called Kelly a “puppet master.”

Friday (May 4), Buzzfeed published interviews with Michelle, the mother of a “brainwashed” cult member, and Lizzette Martinez, a woman who said she’s been involved with Kelly in what became an abusive relationship since the late 90s.

The last name of Michelle, a Chicago mother of three, was omitted by Buzzfeed News for the sake of her’s and her daughter’s privacy. Her daughter, who’s being called N., is 27 now but has been involved with Kelly since she was 17, Illinois’ age of consent. Michelle told reporters that her daughter was her “best friend” but when she calls, Kelly answers telling her that N. is busy or doesn’t want to talk.

According to Michelle, Kelly has prevented N. from coming home. She’s called the police to Kelly’s mansion in the past but she was told that nothing could be found. The report is similar to those brought to light last year. Reports have repeatedly included the singer’s abuse of dreams and the power of his wealth.

Sources and parents told Buzzfeed that Kelly dictates the order of the day for the young women in his cult. Many have used the word “brainwash” to describe his controlling tactics. She hasn’t spoken to her daughter in three months but she says that the last thing N. told her was “Don’t ever give up on me.”

In the case of Lizzette Martinez, she willingly entered a relationship with Kelly in 1995, when she was 17 years old. Now, in her 40s, Martinez recalled that Kelly took her virginity even though she was underage. She said that Kelly “[beat] her on five separate occasions and pressured her to engage in sexual acts against her will.” According to Martinez, the relationship ended in 1999.

Martinez herself aspired to be a singer. She sang in a female R&B trio before she met Kelly at Aventura Mall in 1995. His bodyguard allegedly passed Kelly’s number to her on a balled up piece of paper. Her story is reportedly a tale similar to the ones told by other women, Buzzfeed wrote.

Their relationship started only a year after Kelly’s marriage to singer Aaliyah who was then 15. At an awkward dinner, Martinez’s best friend, Michelle Powery, asked whether he’d married her at which time he replied, “You can’t believe everything you read,” Buzzfeed reports.

Like others, Martinez said that Kelly took advantage of her desires to make it as a singer.

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A post shared by Doja Cat (@dojacat) on May 24, 2020 at 8:10pm PDT

A day later, Doja took to Instagram Live to further explain herself and deny allegations of self-hate, fetishizing white men, and race play.

Later in the video, Doja denied rumors that she recorded the song, “Dindu Nothin,” to make fun of police brutality. According to Doja, the song was an attempt at reclaiming the little-known slur, though she did admit that the song was a terrible idea.

Watched the full apology below.


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