Ralo Says Social Media Is Playing A Role In His Federal Conspiracy Case


Atlanta rapper Ralo, who is in jail on federal conspiracy and marijuana possession charges, feels likes the FBI and Atlanta police are targeting him as a result of his social media posts.

During an interview with Atlanta’s 11 Alive news reporter, Neima Abdulahi, the rapper claims that he’s innocent.

“I feel like they kind of wrongfully targeted me,” Ralo said. “No drugs were ever sold out of my apartment complex.” “All the cars were stuff that I bought. None of it was for me. That was for my family. They took my family’s cars.”

The 23-year-old MC also admits that social media is playing a role in his arrest.

“It let me know that social media is probably one of the strongest things in our lives right now,” Ralo said. “Now I realize how big I was and how powerful I was. I have to know whatever I say, it’s going to follow me and people gone take it in very hard.”

In April, Ralo was denied bond and accused of running a cross-country drug operation, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Police allege that Ralo ran drugs from his apartment complex in The Bluff section of Atlanta. Along with the rapper, eight of his associates are also named in the criminal complaint.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, that the rapper born Terrell Davis and his friends boarded a Dec. 18 chartered jet from the Fulton County Airport to Sacramento, Calif. Four days later, the group returned to the Fulton airport, where federal and local surveillance teams saw Davis and the other passengers transfer 37 packages wrapped in white holiday paper from the jet to an Econoline van, which was registered to Davis’ southwest Atlanta address.

According 11 Alive, days after Ralo’s friends were arrested, the rapper wrote from his Instagram account that he lost $300,000, which the FBI is using for evidence.

During his hearing, Ralo’s attorney told the court the rapper is an accomplished performer with five children, WSB-TV reports. Ralo also had the support of fans outside the courthouse, who held up signs asking that he be given a bond. “We are just standing here for our brother, hoping he get a bond, praying he get a bond,” said Kayla Freeman.

In related news, Ralo released a mixtape dubbed, Can’t Stop Shit. The 12-song project is featureless. Back in March, the Ralo released the third installment of his Diary of the Streets series.