Rickey Smiley Gives Teen Who Rode The City Bus To His Graduation An SUV


A viral photo of Birmingham teen Corey Patrick catching the city bus to his high school graduation touched the hearts of everyone who saw the viral image. Patrick’s perseverance even incited radio host and comic Rickey Smiley to gift the teen with a new car.

Local CBS affiliate reports Patrick had been waking up between four and five in the morning, walking about 10 minutes to the bus stop and taking the 14-mile ride to his high school for the past year. His mother, Felicia White, told CBS42 he began living with her this year but she lived too far from Patrick’s school and didn’t have transportation.

Patrick said he didn’t want to leave his friends and was determined to get to school. On graduation day he did what he normally would do and caught the bus. While waiting at the bus stop in his graduation regalia, a neighbor took a picture of Patrick and posted it on Facebook becoming a viral sensation.

Smiley reposted the picture and gathered his celebrity friends Tyrese, Mike Epps and Da Brat to gift Patrick with an SUV and driving lessons so he can get his license. According to ABC13. On Smiley’s morning show, Patrick said he’s not sure what college he’s going to yet but intends to study computer science.

Check out the video below.